Experience Monte Carlo Vermouth at Mada Lounge this Summer

Experience Monte Carlo Vermouth at Mada Lounge this Summer

This summer, indulge in the exquisite flavours of Monte Carlo Vermouth at the exclusive Mada Lounge pop-up bar, open from July 3rd to September 1st. Located in the garden of the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo, this vibrant venue invites you to enjoy a festive and convivial atmosphere from Wednesday to Sunday, 5 PM to 11 PM.

Enchanting Evenings at Mada Lounge

Nestled in a cosy, plant-filled setting with stunning views of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, Mada Lounge offers the perfect spot for an enchanting evening. Savour Monte Carlo Vermouth , accompanied by live DJ and musical performances, creating a unique and unforgettable experience. 

Discover the Versatility of Monte Carlo Vermouth

At Mada Lounge, you can taste Monte Carlo Vermouth in various delightful forms. Enjoy it neat, with both the Bianco and Rosso variants offering their unique charm. For those who love cocktails, don’t miss out on the signature “Le Monte-Carlo – Luxe et Paillettes sur le Rocher,” a luxurious blend of Jeeper Champagne and Monte Carlo Vermouth Bianco. This exquisite cocktail perfectly captures the spirit of Monaco, combining sophistication and flavour in every sip.

A Perfect Pairing for Summer Evenings

Monte Carlo Vermouth’s elegant flavours are the perfect match for the vibrant atmosphere at Mada Lounge. Whether you prefer the crisp notes of Bianco or the rich tones of Rosso, there’s a Monte Carlo Vermouth experience waiting for you. Come and enjoy a summer evening with us, and let the enchanting ambiance of Mada Lounge elevate your taste experience.

Join Us at Mada Lounge

Join us at Mada Lounge this summer and make your evenings unforgettable with Monte Carlo Vermouth. Experience the blend of luxury and relaxation as you enjoy our vermouths in the heart of Monaco. Whether you are a local or a visitor, Mada Lounge is the place to be for an extraordinary summer evening.