Merry Christmas from Monte Carlo Vermouth

It’s almost Christmas and we would like to thank you all for learning about our product, taking the first sip and finally — falling in love with it!

Let’s pour our Vermouth into a glass and wish each other a Merry Christmas — cin-cin!

We hope that you’re spending this wonderful time with all of your closest ones and have made the right choice of gifting them a bottle of our Vermouth: Rosso or Bianco.

And if you, by any chance, have lost track of time and forgot about gifts in general — the perfect solution would be to buy Monte Carlo Vermouth of your choice at our selling spot at the Place du Casino Avenue de Monte Carlo or place an online order next year of 2024!

Classy, elegant, coming from the best vermouth making traditions and a fabulous mix of Italian and French culture — it will fill anyone with joy: Whether it is your tennis partner, your boss or your childhood friend — they will absolutely adore this gesture!