From Italian Grapes to Monte Carlo Excellence

Monte Carlo Vermouth embodies a narrative of meticulous grape selection and heritage, reflecting a commitment to the art of vermouth that distinguishes this brand in the world of fine spirits. At the heart of Monte Carlo Vermouth’s success are the cherished vineyards of Italy, where each grape variety is carefully chosen to ensure that every sip conveys a story of tradition and quality.

The Heart of Our Bianco: Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Monte Carlo Vermouth Bianco is a celebration of Piedmont’s idyllic vineyards, crafted exclusively from the Moscato d’Asti grape, protected under Italy’s highest classification, DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita). This designation ensures adherence to stringent agricultural and production standards. The sunny slopes of Piedmont are ideal for cultivating the Moscato d’Asti, famed for its aromatic bouquet and sweet flavors, making it the perfect base for our vermouth. It is the only grape whose aroma is preserved in its wine. This grape enhances our Bianco with a delicate yet complex profile, beautifully intertwining with the floral and herbal notes to create a vermouth that is both refined and inviting.

The Robust Backbone of Our Rosso: Nebbiolo Langhe DOC

In contrast, our Rosso variant draws its strength from the Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, a grape that thrives in the misty, rolling landscapes of the Langhe region. Nebbiolo, the cornerstone of some of Italy’s most storied red wines, imparts a robust, full-bodied flavor to our Rosso. The DOC classification is a guarantee of quality, ensuring that the grapes meet precise conditions of cultivation and processing. Known for its rich berry flavors and earthy undertones, Nebbiolo adds depth and complexity to the vermouth, while its tannic nature introduces a structured and pleasing bitterness that perfectly counters the inherent sweetness of the fortified wine.

Viticultural Excellence and Vermouth Craftsmanship

Selecting Moscato d’Asti and Langhe Nebbiolo is a deliberate choice, rooted in a tradition that honors regional winemaking heritage. The cultivation practices in these areas are finely honed to yield grapes of unmatched quality. This meticulous attention to detail extends into our vermouth crafting process, where age-old methods blend with modern innovations to encapsulate and elevate the natural flavors of the grapes. The result is a vermouth that is not merely a drink, but a celebration of Italian viticulture and artisanal prowess.

A Testament to Italian Wine History

Monte Carlo Vermouth is more than a spirit; it is a reflection of an unbroken rich tapestry of Italian wine. The base wines are part of a continuous regional growing tradition that has remained uninterrupted while the region’s empires, kingdoms and nations ebb and flow. The Moscato d’Asti’s origins go all the way back to the ancient Greeks who called it antilico. Their successors, the Romans, called it apianae, after bees (latin – apes) who, like us, are drawn to the grape’s floral aroma with a profile of sage, white peaches and apricot. After generations of honing, the rules for making the Moscato were finally codified by 16th Century Milanese winemaker, oenologist and Carlo Emmanuel I’s jeweller, Giovan Battista Croce. Croce’s deceptively prosaic publication, Of the Excellence and Diversity of Wines That Are Made on the Mountain of Turin and How to Make Them., has guided Moscato winemakers ever since.

The Langhe Nebbiolo DOC takes its name from the Piedmontese word nebia (Italian nebbia, Latin nebula), meaning ‘fog’. It is named after the conditions of its October harvest, when a heavy fog covers the Langhe region where it is grown. It is first directly referenced in 1268, its popularity and value became such that by the 15th Century laws in the commune of La Morra prescribed severe corporal punishments for those found guilty of cutting or damaging a nebbiolo vine.

Today, it can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or as a component of a sophisticated cocktail. The distinctive qualities of Moscato d’Asti DOCG for our Bianco and Langhe Nebbiolo DOC for our Rosso, ensure that each bottle of Monte Carlo Vermouth offers an authentic and sublime experience. Embrace the legacy of Italian vermouth with Monte Carlo, and let it elevate your palate to new heights.